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I've been a patient of Dr. Swinford for over 6 years and she has diagnosed and treated everything from a sinus infection to a sprained ankle. Her demeanor is always professional yet friendly, I recommend her to anyone looking for a skilled doctor in the Quitman TX area.


Marianne B.

PCP Patient
Primary Care

Empowering Health: Primary Care Excellence

Primary care is the foundation of wellness, offering a full range of services from preventive care and health screenings to the management of chronic conditions, all tailored to meet your unique healthcare needs.

  • Join us in prioritizing your well-being and longevity.
  • Annual physical exams create a health plan for general wellness.
  • Women’s health care including preventive screenings, reproductive consultations, breast exams, and specialized screenings tailored to address the unique needs and concerns of women throughout their lifespan.
  • Our pediatric care provides gentle medical services tailored specifically to meet the unique needs of children, ensuring their health and well-being from infancy through adolescence.
  • Supporting men’s health and longevity by screening and managing issues including heart disease, urinary and prostate concerns, and testicular cancer.
  • Offering essential immunizations and vaccinations to protect individuals of all ages from infectious diseases and safeguarding public health within Quitman and East Texas.
  • Regular primary care can help keep your overall health in check.  If you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment call (903) 763-2421.

Comprehensive Primary Care: Your One-Stop Solution for Preventive Health, Chronic Disease Management, and Personalized Wellness.

As your primary care physician, we are ready to help you feel better. We can help treat and manage all of the areas detailed below.

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    Chronic Diseases

    Many chronic diseases such as asthma, diabetes and coronary artery disease can be managed with specialized treatment plans and expert monitoring and management. From Crohn’s disease to hypothyroidism and rheumatoid arthritis, we can help. We not only have the skills to help you with your chronic disease, but we also focus on prevention.

  • 2

    Cold and Flu Symptoms

    If you have developed an earache, sore throat, or suspect you have the flu we can get you in for an exam and discuss treatment options to get you on the road to wellness.

  • 3

    Acute Illnesses

    Our physicians deliver prompt and efficient care for acute illnesses such as urinary tract infections, rashes, and stomach aches. You’ll receive a timely diagnosis and get relief from your symptoms to facilitate a swift recovery.

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    We carry all the standard vaccines for influenza, measles, tetanus and HPV among others to provide crucial protection against infectious diseases and helping patients build immunity to safeguard their health and help prevent the spread of illnesses.

Why Having a Primary Care Physician is Important

Investing in primary care is vital for maintaining your health and well-being. With personalized attention, preventive screenings, and ongoing support, primary care empowers you to take control of your health, detect issues early, and enjoy a higher quality of life for years to come.