Medical Care in Quitman, TX

Comprehensive Family Medicine

From preventive check-ups to personalized treatments, our dedicated team ensures your family's health and well-being at every stage of life. Serving Quitman and East Texas.


Convenient Scheduling

Our medical office prioritizes accessibility with same and next-day appointments, ensuring prompt care from our attentive staff for all patients. We minimize wait times and maximize convenience.


No Rushed Appointments

Quality healthcare is prioritized by dedicating ample time to each patient. We foster strong doctor-patient relationships, and deliver comprehensive care to individual needs.


You're a Name, Not a Number

Experience healthcare where compassionate doctors actively listen to patients, thoroughly assess symptoms, and provide accurate diagnoses, ensuring personalized care and effective treatment plans.

New Patients: Paperwork to Start Your Visit

Save time during your visit by downloading and completing the necessary paperwork in advance and bring it to your appointment. Please select the appropriate documents based on the age of the patient. Thank you for your cooperation!

Healthcare and Wellness

Empowering Health: Your Wellness Is Our Priority

Discover a holistic healthcare haven where family medicine, mental wellness, and physical therapy converge. Our dedicated team delivers personalized care, embracing your complete well-being. Experience a compassionate approach that nurtures your body and mind, ensuring a journey to optimal health and vitality. Your health is our priority.

  • Serving Quitman and East Texas for over 21 years
  • Board certified male and female doctors on staff
  • Same day and next day appointments available
  • Providing care for youth and adults
What We Offer?

All of Your Primary Care Needs Covered In One Medical Practice

Preventative Care

Healthy Body and Mind

Chronic Disease Management

Unlock a path to vitality with our cutting-edge approach to chronic disease care. Our expert team tailors comprehensive treatments, empowering you to reclaim your health and thrive despite challenges. Your journey to wellness starts here.

Acute Illnesses

Rapid relief is our commitment. Trust our skilled medical team to swiftly diagnose and treat acute illnesses with precision and care. Your recovery is our priority, ensuring you regain health promptly.

Healthy Living - Nutritional Information

Elevate your well-being with our clinic's personalized guidance. From tailored nutrition plans to lifestyle advice, our experts empower you to make informed choices, fostering a healthier, more vibrant life.


All Health Insurance Is Welcome